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Monarch Nozzles in India
All MONARCH NOZZLES are stamped with the following characteristics, subject to modification on adoption of CEN standards:


Nozzles spray angle

The flow (in USGPH at 100 PSI = 6.895 bar)

Letters to identify the series of spray patterns

The Monarch Trademark

Monarch Nozzles production code

All Nozzles Quality

Monarch Nozzle is individually tested
Each nozzle is tested at several different production stages to assure perfect conformity with master nozzles of each series.


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Monarch Nozzle Capacities

Spray Angles and Capacities

Nozzle interchange chart

Nozzles Flow Rates


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Type of Nozzles

Types of all Monarch Nozzles

Monarch oil nozzle
Monarch oil nozzle 0.50 to 2.25 -45 R- Solid
Monarch oil nozzle 0.50 to 2.25 -60 R- Solid
Monarch oil nozzle 0.50 to 2.25 -80 R- Solid
Nozzle 2.25 to 100  GPH -45 PLP- Semi Solid
Nozzle 2.25 to 100  GPH -60 PLP- Semi Solid
Nozzle 2.25 to 100  GPH -80 PLP- Semi Solid
Monarch oil nozzle 1.25 to 60 -45 HO
Monarch oil nozzle 1.25 to 60 -60 HO
Monarch oil nozzle 1.25 to 60 -80 HO
Monarch oil nozzle Solide Cone 'R" Series
Monarch nozzle Semi-Solid Cone "PLP" Series
Monarch nozzle  Heavy Oil Nozzle Series and many more.... View All Series Monarch Nozzle

We are Importers of Monarch Nozzles in India

We are Distributors of Monarch Nozzles in India

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Since 1996 - 97



Spray patterns - Monarch Nozzles

Industrial and Residential Oil Nozzles, Oil Burner Nozzles, Spray Nozzles, Water Nozzles, Burner Spares and Burner Nozzle in India

Monarch industrial and domestic oil burner nozzles are available in a variety of spray patterns, spray angels and capacities.

Monarch Nozzle "R" spray patterns


Monarch Nozzle "NS" spray patterns


Monarch Nozzle "AR" spray patterns


Monarch Nozzle "PLP" spray patterns


Monarch Nozzle "PL" spray patterns


Monarch Nozzle "HV" spray patterns


Monarch Nozzle "HO" spray patterns



The spray patterns (i.e. hollow cone or solid cone) described below refer to tests carried out with a 60 nozzle at a 75 mm distance from the orifice. Nozzles with spray angles of 60 or less, and with low flows in particular, the empty section of a hollow cone becomes smaller. The difference between a hollow cone and solid cone nearly disappears at this point.


Spray Patterns include: R - Solid Cone, NS - Hollow Cone, AR - Special Solid Cone, CC - Constant Flow Rate , PLP - Semi-Solid PL - Hollow, HV - Narrow Spray Angle, HO - Heavy Oil Nozzles


Solid Cone "R" Series: .40 to 3.50 USGPH
This is the series supplied regularly unless specified otherwise. It is a good nozzle suitable for most burners. Atomization of the oil is not as fine as with the "NS" series.

Hollow Cone "NS" Series: .50 to 2.00 USGPH
This Series works best on many burners due to its exceptionally fine atomization. It produces a quiet, stable flame and is widely used on 80 and 90 flame retention burners.

Special Solid Cone "AR" Series: .50 to 3.50 USGPH
This series has become widely used due to its success in obtaining quiet combustion in flame retention head burners. Traditionally, a "cure-all" replacement nozzle, it now is increasingly specified on original equipment.

Semi-Solid Cone "PLP" Series: 2.25 to 100.00 USGPH
The standard nozzle for larger capacities. Fine atomization and "solid" spray pattern up to approximately 3.50 USGPH, gradually becoming more "hollow" in the larger sizes.

Hollow Cone "PL" Series: 2.25 to 50.00 USGPH
This series represents an extension of the "NS" type spray pattern for larger capacity sizes. Spray is not as finely atomized as the "PLP" series, but produces the best results in equipment specifying hollow cone nozzles.

Narrow Spray Angle "HV" Series: 1.65 to 60.00 USGPH
Used mostly for Semi-Industrial or Scotch Marine applications where narrow spray angle and high spray velocity is essential, and some combustion noise is not objectionable.

Heavy Oil Nozzle Series: 1.25 to 100.00 USGPH
Designed for use on 70 SSU (approx. 13 centistokes) viscosity oil at operating pressures ranging from 200-450 PSIG (13.8 to 31 bar). Write for special data sheet.



Monarch Nozzle | Spray Angles and Capacities

MONARCH developed the first porous metal Oil Burner Nozzle Filter to provide highly efficient filtration with a one piece construction. These Filters (40 to 60 microns) are supplied as standard up tthrough 1.00 USGPH on all series, unless Mesh Strainers (200 mesh/approx. 70 microns) are requested.

1.10 USGPH to 10.50 USGPH nozzles are fitted with 120 mesh (approx. 120 microns) Monel screen strainers. Mesh strainers may be used with higher GPH nozzles, up to a maximum of 30.00 USGPH, if ordered separately.

Nozzles are available in sizes from .40 to 100.00 USGPH, at 100 PSI (6.895 bar) for No. 2 fuel oil. Field tests may vary from the nominal rating due to oil viscosity (the higher the viscosity, the greater the nozzle flow and vice versa). When using No. 2 fuel oil within normal operating temperature range, the flow changes approximately 1% for each SSU change in viscosity.

MONARCH nozzles are tested at nominal pressures of 7 to 10 bar, with test oil, similar to No. 2 fuel oil, 34 to 36 SSU viscosity at 100 F, gravity 32 to 38 A.P.I. at 60 F and test temperatures 75 to 80 F (3.36 to 3.44 mm2/s at 20C, and a density of 0.840). The recommended operating pressures for nozzles used with domestic fuel oil and kerosene are from e to 25 bar. (Please consult us for higher pressures).For higher viscosity fluids, possible operating pressures range from 10 to 14 bar. However, this will result in a considerable reduction of spray angles, unless specially designed nozzles are used (see HO nozzles).


The "HO" nozzle is to be used on higher viscosity oils at elevated operating pressures. The nozzle nominal flow rate is 100 PSIG (6.895 bar) for No. 2 fuel oil and are available in capacities sizes from 1.00 to 100.00 USGPH.



Monarch Nozzle | Service and Storage Accessories in India

All types of Nozzles are available in India  |  We are leading importers, distributors and stockists of Monarch Nozzle in India since 1996 - 97 (Yash Hitech Systems)

We have Monarch oil Nozzle for Light oil burner and heavy oil burner.  Monarch Nozzles Capacity: 0.50 to 2.25 GPH suitable for all type of liquid fuel like LDO,diesel , kerosene, bio diesel , HSD, furnace oil , heavy oil , LSHS. Ready Stock Monarch Nozzle Type R, PLP and HO.

Monarch Nozzle Pump Test Kits

Only kit on the market that comes with both vacuum and pressure gauges.
Only kit on the market that is capable of doing the following checks: pressure, vacuum, cutoff & lift.
All tests can be performed on any pump on the market at various pressure levels
Flexible tubing allows oil to be viewed for contamination and air leaks.
Brass nipples are provided to simplify testing.

Monarch Nozzle Remover (C-201 Nozzle Remover)

A special multi-fit wrench aids the removal of all nozzles without changing electrode settings.
The wrench easily converts to fit small openings in higher-pressure burners.
Exclusive non-pinch design eliminates worry.


Monarch Nozzle Adapters

Available in brass or 416 stainless steel 1/8 or _ NPT with 9/16-24 thread nozzle thread.
Single nozzle, dual nozzle and triple nozzle adapters.

Monarch Nozzle Short Brass Adapter

Monarch Nozzle Long Brass Adapter

Monarch Nozzle

H-142-FD Two Stage Brass Nozzle

Monarch Nozzle

H-375-FA Three Stage Brass Adapter

Monarch Nozzle

H-375-FB Two Stage Brass Adapter

Monarch Nozzle Extra Long Brass Adapter


Monarch Nozzle "NO DRIP" - Strainer Check Valve

Prevents nozzle after-drip which fouls burner air mixing rings and leads to poor combustion. Fits directly onto F80 nozzles in place of standard strainers. When an oil burner shuts down, pressure remains in the oil line. This forces oil through the nozzle. This oil drips onto the air mixing ring causing coking, reduced combustion efficiency, higher smoke and sooting.

After-drip may also occur whenair bubbles trapped in the oil line expand andcontract from pressure, or from expansion.Becausecheck valve requires 35 psi to open, pump pressuremust be set 35 psi higher to assure good atomizationand flow rate. Equipped with 120 mesh strainer.Restriction may occur on nozzles rated over17.5 GPH.


Monarch Nozzle Box

A sturdy, attractive, injection molded plastic box with a molded insert to accommodate 44 Nozzles in their individual containers. It has a convenient carrying handle, sturdy snap hasps and hinges. A Nozzle Pressure/Flow Chart in the lid gives quick, on the job, reference information for the serviceman. Will accommodate nozzles in any standard make container.

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Monarch Nozzle

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